In the pipeline: INTERESTPOOL


Credit-Fund SME / Credit-platform for institutional / experienced investors only



Underestimated small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) that are due to traditional selection criteria and credit assessment not in the focus of current market places / Credit-Funds.


Mandatory selection criteria:

An existing ongoing and affordable(!) minimum of 30% p.a. effective interest load* for non-bank financing  due to lack in further collateral for expanding their exisiting bank-credit-lines.

*e.g. a permanent minimum loss of 3% discount on trade credits (14d/30d) or fees for factoring financing times turn-over-rates (simplified).


Potential revolving credit-volume, mostly in the area of working capital: > 50 bn Euro out of 345 bn Euro total vol. trade credits (Germany only).


High yield


Highly diversified


„Personalized“ Fintech: Corporate account officers for individual care of customers a core element of the business model. Scaling process hereby not inhibited but promoted.





Liquiditäts- und kostenorientiertes

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